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Hundreds of job opportunities for people with disabilities in Hanoi
10:22 AM 2024-04-17
(LĐXH)- A job fair integrating the recruitment of disabled workers was held in Hanoi on the occasion of Vietnam Day of people with disabilities April 18.
Give gifts to people with disabilities at the event
There were 32 businesses in Hanoi participating in the event, including 11 businesses recruiting disabled workers.
Some businesses recruit many positions with attractive salaries such as sales-marketing, garment workers, handicraft workers, technical staff, electronic technology...
This is a favorable condition for unemployed workers, as well as disabled workers looking for jobs that suit their abilities and aspirations.
The total recruitment and enrollment needs at this special job session are 1,117 targets, with 386 recruitment and enrollment targets reserved for people with disabilities.

Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Tay Nam said that Hanoi currently has 112,171 people with disabilities, including 7,704 people with disabilities able to work.

Therefore, supporting employment for people with disabilities is a task of profound humane significance./.

Hong Anh