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Opportunity for Vietnamese nursing skills interns to practice in Japan
03:09 PM 2024-06-13
(LĐXH)- MOLISA Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan witnessed the signing ceremony of a contract to provide technical intern trainees in the nursing profession between the Center of Overseas Labour and the Osaka Medical Care Association (Japan) on the morning of June 12.
Deputy Minister Nguyen Ba Hoan and delegates witnessed the signing ceremony
Attending the signing ceremony were also leaders of units under MoLISA. On the Japanese partner's side were Mr. Takeshima Tenmi, Chairman of the Osaka Medical Care Association; Ms. Matsui Keie, President, General Director of Sousei Group.
According to the supply contract signed by both parties, the candidates selected are workers who have graduated in health care.
If the candidate is a student who has completed a 1-year health care program or just graduated from high school, he or she will be selected to participate in a short-term nursing training course (with a certificate after the course).
Program participants will have their expenses covered by the Osaka Medical Care Association.
They only have to pay for food, accommodation during the training period, and vocational training costs (for those who have not received specialized nursing training).
Mr. Takeshima Tenmi assessed that up to now the program is effective, in which the first course has 13 interns working at major hospitals in Japan.
According to Mr. Dang Huy Hong - Director of the Center of Overseas Labour, since its establishment, the Center has sent more than 140,000 workers to work abroad under 6 Programs; ensure the correct goals of recruitment, training, and dispatching are fair and transparent./.
Translated by Hong Ha