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Workshop on Finding solutions to increase labour productivity in Vietnam
02:56 PM 2024-05-21
(LĐXH)- The Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) will organize a Forum "Improving national labour productivity in 2024" and a conference to evaluate the results of implementing the Regulations on the working relationship between the Government and the VGCL On May 26.
The forum is an opportunity for trade union officials, civil servants, public employees, workers and experts, managers and business owners to exchange and discuss the current state of labour productivity in Vietnam and make recommendations to solutions to improve labour productivity in Vietnam.
The Prime Minister is expected to speak at the event to convey the message of improving labour productivity to workers and businesses nationwide.
In addition, he and leaders of the Government, departments, ministries, branches, and the VGCL will present gifts to 50 workers with high labour productivity as well as outstanding achievements in production labour.
The Forum and conference are expected to contribute to deepening the effective coordination relationship between the VGCL and the Government; as well as affirming the contributions of the Vietnam Trade Union in improving national competitiveness and socio-economic development of the country.
The two events are highlights of the activities of Workers' Month 2024, celebrating the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Trade Union (July 28, 1929 - July 28, 2024)./.
Hong Ha